Intelligent management of vascular access information

NephroCloud® is a multidisciplinary and multicenter software for nephrology, surgery, radiology and nursery professionals, allowing them to access and manage nimbly and ubiquitously all information related to vascular access in hemodialysis patients.

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The system is hosted on the Internet, centralizes storage of interrelated data, intelligently manages, automates processes, and through its friendly efficient interface makes efficient work, becoming a valuable support for decision-making.

NephroCloud Satellite

NephroCloud® Satellite is the module used in the centers that are dependent of a reference center for vascular access.

It is adapted primarily to vascular access monitoring and focused to collect complications related variables detected in this period. The features that characterize it are addressed further to the consultation of the information provided by the reference center at nephrology, surgical, or radiological level

In order to the unity of the patient record, NephroCloud ® Satellite allows the relationship between different satellite units with the reference center and between a satellite center with multiple reference centers.

Vascular Access nephrology software

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