Intelligent management of vascular access information

NephroCloud® is a multidisciplinary and multicenter software for nephrology, surgery, radiology and nursery professionals, allowing them to access and manage nimbly and ubiquitously all information related to vascular access in hemodialysis patients.

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The system is hosted on the Internet, centralizes storage of interrelated data, intelligently manages, automates processes, and through its friendly efficient interface makes efficient work, becoming a valuable support for decision-making.

NephroCloud: Product and modules

Its main benefits are based on the intelligent management of the information associated with the preparation, creation, monitoring and treatment of vascular access complications.

The system provides sequenced and fast access to all data, automate processes such as systematic prioritization of waiting lists for vascular access creation, allows a detailed monitoring of follow up and treatment of vascular access complications and is a great assistant in the decision-making processes.

From the structured stored data, NephroCloud ® generates a monitoring system based on adaptable alerts for epidemiological control of function, infection and complications of native vascular accesses, grafts and catheters. Moreover, the review of statistics of all processes online allows a real time surveillance of system management.

NephroCloud ® is designed primarily for healthcare function, but is also useful for areas of research, education and management.

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