Intelligent management of vascular access information

NephroCloud® is a multidisciplinary and multicenter software for nephrology, surgery, radiology and nursery professionals, allowing them to access and manage nimbly and ubiquitously all information related to vascular access in hemodialysis patients.

software acceso vascular


The system is hosted on the Internet, centralizes storage of interrelated data, intelligently manages, automates processes, and through its friendly efficient interface makes efficient work, becoming a valuable support for decision-making.

What makes NephroCloud so special?


Allows comprehensive medical history management of vascular access by handling of high volumes of interrelated information (data and image) with clinical and analytical content and monitoring of dialysis.

  • Control of the fistula or graft from mapping, surgery, monitoring and associated treatments to maintain survival.
  • Record of all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures associated.
  • Catheter control from placement to the monitoring of function and infection.
  • Easy registration of complications.
  • Easy relationship between information usually dispersed

  • Easy relationship between information from different sources: clínical, analíthical and images.
  • Easy image management. Editable: user to overwrite text, symbols or alerts, measurements, handwritten annotations, etc. Consultable from different options: for patient, image type, by type of pathology.
  • Export/import of information between centers
  • Ease complex patient monitoring

  • Intelligent online-Exploitation 

  • Automation of  prioritization in waiting lists: setting the order in the queue adjusted to clinical priority depending of variables collected in NephroCloud. Diagnosis: test prioritization. Follow up: prioritization of controls. Treatment: prioritization of surgical and radiological treatment.
  • Alerts. Clinical alerts and indicators in real time for epidemiological control: catheter infection rate, thrombosis rate, cost control, etc.
  • Costs
  • Real-time statistics

Research and teaching

The possibility of anonymisation of patient data can give the system a complementary use both in the field of education and training as research support.

  • Easy access to information by pathology.
  • Easy visualization of traceability evolution of the pathology
  • Real-time database with customization of patients by teaching oriented alerts
  • Export data


The ability to encode all processes and associate at costs also enables efficient management of vascular access program and financial relationship with different health management systems.